Music Monday 5

Hey guys, hope the weekend treated you as well as it did me. I’m not going to promise any more than this update this weekend as I figure out what I really want to do with this blog. I’m almost thinking a tumblr might be more beneficial as I find most of my ideas to be much shorter than what I would consider a large blog post but who knows, maybe I’ll just update this in smaller chunks but more often instead of full on 500+ word articles.

  1. Good Morning – Kanye West
  2. Revolver – David Guetta ft Madonna (One Love Remix)
  3. Kalifornia Look Good – Ya Boy ft Dev
  4. Light Up (Remasted) – Drake ft Jay Z, Lil Wayne
  5. Died In Your Arms Tonight Freestyle – Crooked I

Hopefully these beats get you ready for the work week, I know they get me going in the morning.


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Music Monday 4

Sorry for the late post today guys I’ve had a cold this week and its definitely been affecting my performance. I’ve had some life changes in the last week as well, as I withdrew from the design courses at the college and instead choose to focus on development. This means I’ll be perfecting my HTML and CSS and learning Javascript and PHP in my spare time. Regardless, here are the picks for the week:

  1. Bang Bang – Dr Dre
  2. Under The Sheets – Chiddy Bang
  3. Today Was a Good Day – Ice Cube
  4. Taste of Ink – The Used
  5. Take One Last Breath – Abandon All Ships
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Time Management with Focusbooster

Being a student or freelancer requires you to perform numerous tasks throughout the day including everything from research, to mockups, to billing the client and everything in between. This means that you need to effectively and efficiently manage your time to finish everything that is essential to your day. I have a found a system that works for me and it’s called the Pomodoro system. It works based on thirty minute sessions split into two periods. First, a twenty five minute “work” period followed by a five minute “rest” period. After several sessions you are encouraged to take a longer rest period.

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Music Monday Volume 3

Alright guys, heres my third week of music for Monday. It’s been a busy past week but I’ve got two more posts scheduled for this week so check back Wednesday and Friday. Here’s some new music to start a new month.

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Music Monday Volume 2

So here’s volume 2 of my Music Monday feature. I know I haven’t updated all week but reading week turned out to be much less of a break from life than I thought. Also, I managed to snag a virus that put my desktop down for the last 4 days. Luckily I learned from my mistake and immediately acquired a 160GB HDD that I just need to find an enclosure for so I can use it as an external drive for backup purposes. No more losing all my music and movies, yeauhh! Anyways, heres my pics for this week.

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Music Monday Volume One

Monday mornings can be a tough time for some, myself included. I find that if I have some good music to listen to it’s not so bad though. For the most part I like high energy songs to get me pumped up before I start my morning routines and here are a few of my picks for this week.

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First 31 of 2011

Well, the first thirty one days of January have introduced me to the world whole heartedly and brought numerous changes to my life. I’m renting a new apartment while I start my second semester of college and even better I’ve started working on a secret project that should reveal itself around April. I’ve started to make more decisions as to what I’m doing with my schooling and I’ve been playing with the idea that I’d like to focus my design career towards interfaces and user experience as well as develop and code websites. These are what I enjoy most at the moment and maybe they could change but I would like to see myself working in a job of that sort in the next two or three years.

I’ve also been planning on what I intend to do with this blog and that is to use it as my showcase to the outside world as well as portal to discuss my thoughts on the design world. I have many article ideas planned out that include my workflow, programs and techniques I find useful, and maybe even some college advice/tips as well. 2011 is going to be a learning year for me and I plan to show that through this blog.

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